Spike Ivory crafted his unique sound and style back in the late 70's, early 80's. In the mid to late 80's Spike released his first album, and played many of the instruments heard on it putting a very personal stamp on each song. He then signed a major label production deal but due to unforeseen circumstances walked away from it 6 months after to raise his son on his own. During that time Spike continued to write, play local shows and did some touring. Inspired by the response from fans around the world, Spike Ivory set out to use his new bands performance experience and greater musical vision to increase touring and through contacts made along the way he was able to share the bill with many top acts. Early 2000’s he decided to re-release his first album where he encountered more fans and radio play then decided to create a follow up to his (largely solo) first album after touring. In particular, “Just Being Me” and the highly original “My Maria” were highlight singles that defined exactly what Spike Ivory is about. The anthem “Rollin' Thunder” (dedicated to .U.S. servicemen and women)features a special line-up and showcases the best of Spike Ivory’s vocal performance and incredible guitar sound. Spike continues to perform benefits and fundraisers for all military whether active or not across the country. The album gained instant acclaim with many great reviews and generous radio play worldwide. . The Velvet Chains Tour included many intimate sized and large venues with more than 650 shows all over the ....USA, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, and Canada lasting a grueling 3 1/2 years..... Many shows were acoustic and brought a fresh interpretation to the songs. Spike started writing new songs while on the road and putting together some demos for a new album. Spike also found time to perform his first Asia gig to entertain local fans at a popular city bar known for spontaneous improv sessions. After wrapping up a seven song showcase, local musicians joined Spike in a very long 14 hour improvisational jam session. Spike continues to write and perform and has stepped back a bit from touring. After years of touring Spike is itching to get back on the road. he has compiled a new album with 14 songs set to release in December of 2022. The first single “Carolina” is set to release November of 2022”

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